1 noun
1 COURT (C, U) a legal process in which a court of law examines a case to decide whether someone is guilty of a crime: a murder trial | The defendant has a right to a fair trial. | stand trial/be on trial (for) (=be judged in a court of law): Brady was on trial for assault. | a bank employee who is due to stand trial on embezzlement charges | come to trial formal (=when a case is brought to a court by law): By the time the case comes to trial he will have spent a year behind bars.
—see also: show trial
2 TEST (C, U)
a) a process of testing to find out whether something works effectively and is safe: a new drug that is undergoing clinical trials
b) a short period during which you use something or employ someone to find out whether they are satisfactory for a particular purpose or job: take/have sth on trial (=test something without having to buy it first): Take the vacuum cleaner on trial for a week; if you don't like it you pay nothing. | trial period: The security system will be reviewed after a three-month trial period.
3 by trial and error if you do something by trial and error, you test many different methods of doing something in order to find the best: You'll find out by trial and error which flowers grow best.
4 WORRY/ANNOY be a trial (to) to be very worrying or annoying to someone: My brothers and I were always a real trial to my parents.
5 trials and tribulations difficulties and troubles: After many trials and tribulations we reached our destination.
6 SPORTS trials (plural) BrE a sports competition that tests a player's ability
2 verb (T) to thoroughly test something to see if it works correctly or is effective: These techniques were trialled by teachers in 300 schools.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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